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I just had this thought, it's that if Zann brings his army to Nar Shaddaa, don't you think people would think he is an invasion? I mean, most of his army would have to stand back, and not be on the planet for people to really think he doesn't want the world. Everyone would be against him, and thus help G0-T0. So no army
How much support goes G0-T0 have on Nar Shaddaa? I take it not total. So Tyber could use elements of his armed forces to support a local insurrection, like Libya. Or he could buy/gain the backing of groups who are opposed to G0-T0 and feel Tyber offers them a better future.

He could always blockade it for a while wait until chaos reins and then send his troops in as 'liberators' with food and what not.

Even if people do view it as an invasion they may just switch sides as Tyber is just another gang leader, not a formal state looking to change the stus quo. I mean things would mostly stay the same only now Tyber is in charge rather then G0-T0. People dislike outsiders but Tyber would not be seen as one.
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