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The problem is, in a all other MMOs with the "holy trinity" (tank, healer ,dps) it is a faux pas to attack another target than the tank or to take damage as a dps other than during unavoidable AOE. It would get you kicked out of the group very quickly.

So people have to adapt in SWTOR and many DPS players don't even know that you are supposed to tag all the weak and normal ones so they don't go for the healer and kill them first, then the hard mobs, then elite. There are some exceptions as mentioned.

Your tank cannot keep aggro on all the mobs because AOE aggro and AOE ability range in SWTOR is limited and mobs are spread out and mostly ranged, which makes it harder to keep aggro on all mobs. Normal mobs don't do much damage, your healer can heal the dps much easier than himself when 3+ mobs shoot at him (spell pushback! ).