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Kill order is dynamic. As one poster pointed out, Kaon is an exception. Another exception is the make-up of the DPS crew. If I'm playing my 20k marauder alt and there is a 20k sniper or merc in the group, I do expect them to use their AOEs to take care of trash that is grp'ed while I take down the 32k guys... there is no reason to force jump to something that will be dead by time i get there.

Instead of getting overally particular of the order, the most important thing to always remember is the DPS'ers job is to kill all the trash BEFORE you start on what the tank is holding and to always pay attention for ADDs (as they will swarm and kill the healer). Also use your FREAKING CCs and map a marker icon to a keyboard key.

A crew that uses CCs, doesnt break CCs, mops up the trash the tank isnt holding, and watches for ADDs is a good group.
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