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01.04.2013 , 05:34 AM | #32
If it's my first time in any given HM, I tell the group right at the start. I know my class and my rotations, but not the specific boss fights. Taking this approach I've never had any problems and someone in the group has always been happy to stop and explain the fights in advance - which saves on the wipes.

Secondly, I won't do a HM if I've not done it SM.

That said, in the various groups I've enjoyed, everyone has made a rogue pull at some point or another and the group simply turns around, clears it and then gets back on with it, probably trying to skip as much trash as possible. There's rarely an issue with this - everyone makes the odd mistake.

Of course I'm on a different server (Progenitor). The more I read in these forums, the more I start to feel that mine is perhaps a more considerate community than some.