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Quote: Originally Posted by NogueiraA View Post
Nice to see Bioware spending a bunch of time for SGR instead a new flashpoint, raid or warzone.

Later you guys who wants SGR (I'm not against), will complain "there's no new content? No new flashpoint? No new raid? whadahell BW?".

I'm in favor of SGR, but 2% of the players will enjoy that.
New flashpoints 98% of the players will enjoy that, 2% just pvp.

See, it's so much time spent for something useless compared to new FP, WZ and raids.

Gays deserve your space in the game, I respect that but the community wants and needs new contents who EVERYBODY will enjoy.
I hate flashpoints and warzones. I haven't been on a single raid since I started playing. So, guess what, NOT EVERYONE ENJOYS those things.

Your argument is hereby invalid.
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