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01.04.2013 , 03:52 AM | #510
You know the REAL ISSUE are the ROOTS!
THERE is NO PROTECTION against Roots, and they DO NOT AFFECT resolve bar!
So even after Your Resolve bar is Full, you get rooted and can stand there for 10 - 20 seconds.
If you hold it out, or before that you usually get killed!

So If BioWare make the Roots affect, the Resolve Bar.
So you won't be able to get rooted after your resolve bar is full! There won't be such a big problem!!!

Also, there is problems with roots, because for 2 seconds of roots, you are actually stunned from most of the Roots!!
Playing SWTOR from when it come out, and have played many WZ to experience the effects of Resolve Bar
(which was supposed to get fixed, and to be hones it got more broken).