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Hmmm......yes and no. The question I have for the OP is this: Do you intend to plow through mobs when levelling and expect mobs 2 levels lower or so to die superquick and you can just fly through quests?

In which case you want Deception. And you want to stack Willpower/Crit/Accuracy. The talk of you having a hard time getting behind the mob in PvE to maul hard is total rubbish. Just legslash/Electrocute the mob be quick and voila. For a hard DPS rotation in which you have the aggro Maul has no impact anyways. Comments like that are just silly.

A lot depends on your playstyle. Mine is the above. I love killing lots quickly. Even if I have to rest every now and then.


Somehow, someone who obviously missed the point of EW being useless with dark charge on saying i don't know what I'm talking about seems to be arguing my case for me.

Post was refering to hybrid builds being useless in PvE. I can assure you, one shock and the mob looks at you.

Also stacking accuracy leveling fighting mobs that are 2 levels under you? Seriously?

Surge. Accuracy comes in the 45+ range where you get ready for endgame, and surge is on the start of its DR curve.

But threat wise, you won't get a mob's back with a tanksin, its useless to go darkness/deception in pve. Point. You'll pull as soon as your tank companion's taunt drops, and you produce more than double
the threat of a dps companion.

At 42, my friend's tanksin held my sorc's dps on a 75k mob rather nicely. Doubt ashara would keep one off you for very long.