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I lvled my Assassin straight from 10-42 now with darkness from the start.

I had no issues at all, I was kind of surprised about it actualy. My DPS seemed comparable to my PTs wich I lvl Pyrotech so DPS was awsome for the fact I was tank specced and in full tank gear aswell.

I had Khem suited in DPS stance and gear with taunts turned on so he could offtank a bit. Replaced him with Andronikus when I got him and Andronikus with Ashara tho. Works like a charm downtime isnt that bad either once you get Harnessed Darkness for some more self healing. Been thinking about using Talos once I get him wich is soon. But Ill see when I get there.

So from my experience I realy enjoyed playing and lvling as a tank (even tho I was realy scared it might suck big time :P) Havent tried Deception yet will do once I hit 50 for pvp.

Id say hang in there tbh but if you realy find it so boring wait until you ding 35+ and can start getting points in Harnessed Darkness.

And the fact that you get GF queue pops almost instantly as you sign is just a small but imo big bonus

PS: I didnt feel squishy at all tbh and I tanked all FPs so far maybe youre healers sucked ?
Even with a "bad healer" darkness gets the short end of the stick at that level. A deception with dark charge on and a shield will do a comparable job.

But play a PT or a jug in the same levels, you'll feel a LOT sturdier. PT gets his defensive cooldown quickly, jug already has it since Korriban, both have superior armor values.

You'll work against melee/ranged attack, granted. But force/tech you are very ill equipped to deal with. And most serious mobs use them aplenty.

So can YOU tank say hammer station with a sintank lvl 18? Probably, I twomanned it often with tank companion with a friend. Would a PT or jug be better? Abso-(term of choice)-lutely. An annihilation marauder at that point is actually sturdier than you, with better self-heals, even post nerf.