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The problem is that if the weakest link is a DPS it can easily be replaced in a few seconds.

When I tank a FP HM I ask at the start if it's anyones first time and if they want to watch the story.
The people who do not answer there have no right to watch the storys and I will not explain the bosses to them.

When a player accidently adds a group I have no problem with it but if he adds repeatedly from just not being capable to follow me I will initiate a vote kick.
(If you get stuck it's a whole other thing. I sometimes get stuck in the most ridicoulos things. I have never kicked somebody for getting stuck and through that add mobs.)

The reason nr. 1 for me to kick people is: People not knowing their role.
A DPS who repeatedly pulls groups is a kicked DPS for me. (1st time: Tell him not to do it again. 2nd time: kick)
yeah i got stuck twice, and pulled a group once. so as to why i get kicked for it, idk.

and i know my role well, i usually follow the tank. i never pull a group unless its by accident.
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