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Depends on my patience at the time, I don't mind the odd trash pull or clearing a mob I wouldn't usually however new player do need to be aware of their surroundings and what they're doing. It's all well being new to content but that doesn't give you an excuse for not being careful.

Earlier for example in LI HM it took us 15 minutes just to get to the shaclaw because someone kept running through mobs despite being given guidance on the route to take only to find once we got to LR-5 the tank who said "he knew what he was doing" didn't seem to know where his interrupts were.

I'm all for helping and explaining to others to a degree but some people can't seem to get through content without their hand being held the entire way, question is did they really earn the comms by being carried unnecessarily?
As for my accidental pull case, i was doing the droid mentor one (im sorry i cant remember the name) and there are some tents people like to hop over. i fell of the second one tryin to jump to the third. so i went around the corner and there was a droid right there hidden and 2 others got into the fight when he noticed me.
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