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Cut the elitist crap already. You should know full well that the game practically pushes fresh 50s to HM flashpoints by giving them free Tionese gear and a quest to complete a HM FP using the group finder. Your expectation that they should instantly know all the boss mechanics and how to skip content is wholly unreasonable. How do you even expect them to learn the FPs if they are continuously put off by people like you? The group finder exists specifically to give players entry-level access to the endgame content. If you can't deal with that, do your speedruns with guildmates. Don't ruin the game for those that are still learning.

Also, if a random pull causes you to wipe, what the h***? Weren't you, and presumably most of the group, supposed to be the super-elite players in 61/63 gear? Surely you can deal with a bunch of trash, even two or three packs at once.

Perhaps I've just had good luck with the group finder so far, since I haven't run into any elitist jerks yet. Or perhaps Europeans are just more well-mannered. In all the HM FPs I've done my group has skipped trash as much as possible, but on the occasions someone has accidentally pulled a pack, the others have always turned around to help as soon as the pull is noticed. I also like to enjoy the conversations, but I understand that they can get boring when you've already seen them several times. My default setting is to listen to the speech, but I'll comply to a friendly request to use the spacebar.
again, more people like you should be playing. i thank you for your positive input <3

as a side note, when people are acting "elitist" (as you say) i just find it more... tolerable if i mess with them and troll them a bit. so i will usually NOT hit the spacebar when they ask, etc...
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