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Thank you! And it's very nice to hear you found a group you had fun with! If you have some extra creds ripping mods and armoring out from the gear and putting them into a more stylish chest pieces etc is a very good idea. I also have a Rakata geared marauder and I have been using my Cartel Market bought chestpiece since level 43 so I indeed know some people really don't like how the endgame gear looks for marauders. Although the spiked boots, gloves and pants are something I really like!If you have creds and are planning to keep the chestpiece you have now you can already start augmenting those pieces you are planning to keep as it's a 18 bonus to strength and 12 bonus to endurance with each augment!

I feel a bit sad you seem to play on a different server than I as I would have happily agreed to do some HM FP runs with you to get you some gear. Anyways all the best and just put those irritating jerks into ignore if you run into them, out of sight out of mind is a saying in my country that fits quite nicely to this situation
Exactly. although some after-end game gear looks cool, i have this like... game crush on Revan. so yeah. i perfer it.
I just got some new mods too, bumped me up to 15k hp.

Btw i sent you a pm
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