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Since there is no "3 man World Progression" thread (an oversight, I'm sure), I'm posting this separately here: a 3 man kill on SM Jarg and Sorno. Video:

The guild in question was Aisthesis, on The Ebon Hawk. Composition was a Focus Sentinel, a Gunnery Commando and a Combat Medic Commando (me). Both DPS are full Dread Guard, while the healer is about 50/50 Dread Guard and Campaign.

This was, without question, one of the most brutal fights I've ever had to heal. HM Dread Guard feels like a lazy afternoon stroll by comparison. On some of our progression pulls, I was sustaining almost 2k HPS throughout, climbing over 2.2k HPS during happy rail shot time (with less than 4% overheal). We eventually realized that we could respec the sentinel just a bit and pick up some significant damage reduction talents, which resulted in the kill shot requiring a much more manageable 1.8k - 1.9k HPS.

The DPS was extremely tight as well. I had never seen this boss hard enrage before, but apparently they do at 7 minutes, 15 seconds. The time spent working on the Carbonizer is a huge DPS loss, particularly since the other DPS is stunned. To get around these issues, we held the bosses together and healed through the Flame Sweep, allowing the sentinel to smash both bosses while primarily focusing on Sorno. This also allowed the commando to push out more damage by using Pulse Cannon on both bosses. We kept armor debuffs on both while the commando focused Jarg. Finally, I (as the healer) focus targeted Sorno and interrupted Rapid Scan until "Plan D", when the healing required actual concentration.

For the curious, we also 3 manned Bonethrasher (video forthcoming) and Foreman Crusher, although we had to use the pillar glitch (which made the boss quite dull). Fabricator turned out to be absolutely impossible to heal (the commando was taking upwards of 7k per hit), so we 4 manned that one without issues. We're currently working on 3 manning Karagga.
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