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Its not the frequency of the ticks that is important. They are saying the use the Force Suppression stacks for WM/SF ticks instead of MC because they deal more damage.
Yes. MC deals less damage in a single tick than either of the other two.

On my sorc:
Creeping Terror (SF): 370 per tick
Affliction(WM): 447 per tick
Crushing Darkness (MC): 228 (274 when used on wrath proc)

Not sure how there is any doubt really?

Anyway, did a bit of parsing using the ship dummy (just bought it today), haven't dummied in a while anyway.

Madness Sorc(All class buffs and exotech stim, no adrenals, like 4 peices away from full dread guard): Around 1720 over like 6 minutes. Made a few mistakes, and ended up with CD(MC) and DF(FiB) synced up, so lots of charges got ate up by CD. Otherwise did pretty well.

Pyro Powertech(All class buffs, rakata stim, no adrenals, black hole (with set bonuses) gear, with 27 barrel and offhand armoring): Like 1820 leveled out over time. And this was with making so many mistakes i cant even count. Mildly poor resource management, forgetting to use relic/class cooldown for minutes at a time, misplacing death from above and losing time, mismanaging gas cylinder dot. Played properly I'd probably be close to 2k in the gear he has.

Kinda depressing.

edit: and about 1760 as focus guardian in about the same gear as the ptech, except 26 hilt and prototype stim. Again, so many errors in play that I dont want to talk about them.
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