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01.03.2013 , 11:58 PM | #181
Dev responses on the sorc forum- not even threads made by devs can get them

Last huttball game I played was insane... we had four sorcs on our team, and we were trying to hard to move the ball- we had people chain passing before being rootlocked and two shot by the other team's mara/jugg/sin heavy team... while their team didn't even bother passing, they just walked their way to our endzone without needing to while laughing off the lightning barely touching their health bars.

We won- but we won because they had zilch for teamwork- our sorcs were passing like crazy, trying to force speed before being thrown about or pulled into fire- getting off a pass anyway, half the time just as a jugg happened to be leaping to them and thus intercepting.

If there's anything good about being so underpowered in a game packed with OP classes that vastly outclass your own- it's when you do get that rare time when you manage to beat them, it feels really, really, really good.