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You are incompetent. YOU wiped the group. Justify that one. And yes, YOU are in control of your character. YOU got stuck. YOUR fault.

And I know it's a game. I love this game. I have a blast playing it. Untill people like you show up in group finder. Just like you're bashing the players in GF and me on the forums; there are just as many threads trashing noobs who make GF miserable: people who wipe us, people who watch story lines, people who don't know how to skip...all you "weak links". I run the GF for the BH comms for the Hazmat implants/earpieces for my companions. So I do have reason to run them and want them done with out people costing me money for repairs

And I can now see you are the type of person I had the pleasure of gaming with today using group finder. So how is everything my fault when things are literally out of my control? I guarantee you got stuck in missions as well. And you are going to use retorts, make sure that they are intelligent and actually have a point other than ripping on a single person because their play style doesn't fit yours.

I merely posted something I don't like and gave an opinion on it. You have done so as well but now you are bashing me directly. I have not said anything against you and you have already said more than enough insults to me. So look who is in the wrong here. A person who has not said a single insult directly at you and you over there loud mouthing insults left And right at me. Tell me.. Would you say the same stuff to your family?

I get that I'm not as "experienced" as some of the other seasoned players out there. But I'm still learning and you can't insult a person who has not Done a single thing wrong. There is a learning curve to this game.

All I have stated is people's behavior and temperament towards inexperienced people and I'm saying its oppressive. And you, sir, are the prime example of my argument
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