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You have the Completely wrong gender there.

and yeah i have a right to insult them if they insulted me by basically saying im incompetent. and no one in a GAME should have to deal with that. its a game. not real life. it shouldnt be this harsh of an environment.

and getting stuck is my fault? yeah, keep telling yourself that.

more and more you are basically THE definition of what i deal with in group finder. be more courteous to players who are looking to have a good time.

and some of us havent done the flash points "hundreds of times".

the group is as strongest as its weakest link so therefore the group must be acoustomed to it. and if people run the flashpoints because its a waste of time, then why run them? do something else instead of making other players' game more rough
You are incompetent. YOU wiped the group. Justify that one. And yes, YOU are in control of your character. YOU got stuck. YOUR fault.

And I know it's a game. I love this game. I have a blast playing it. Untill people like you show up in group finder. Just like you're bashing the players in GF and me on the forums; there are just as many threads trashing noobs who make GF miserable: people who wipe us, people who watch story lines, people who don't know how to skip...all you "weak links". I run the GF for the BH comms for the Hazmat implants/earpieces for my companions. So I do have reason to run them and want them done with out people costing me money for repairs
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