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You make it sound like running brothels is all that the Hutt Cartel does.

The Cartel is a lot bigger than that, it is a vast galaxy spanning alliance of various Hutt factions involved in all kinds of crime and even some legitimate business. Maybe some of their businesses are cantinas and brothels, but I can guarantee you that a larger portion of their business is in drug running, slave trading, arms dealing, and general graft and corruption.
Point taken, for sure. As a side note, I loved the quest where you take out spice factories. It's rather near and dear to my heart. I'm glad that quest is in the game.

Anyway it does seem like our chances of getting SGR flirts from only the underground aspect of the lore is high. I really hope some NPCs not associated with the Hutt Cartel have SGR flirts too. Otherwise, it could only be criminals and prostitutes that have SGR flirts. They do have some legitimate businesses, so I'd be okay from getting flirts from them as well.

Despite some of my feelings about the way this whole thing has been handled, I really try to credit them with more taste than making SGR flirts only coming from the criminal side of the Hutt Cartel. There are days that my cynicism can get the better of me.