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To be honest, I do not agree they have the right to voice their opinion on SGR, since that opinion, in most cases, stems from their real life views on homosexuality, which, expressed on this board, is against the forum rules.

I'm not too enthusiastic about this thread, as my assumption is that the same kinds of fights will break out that have occurred in General, whenever this topic has been brought up in a singular thread there. Plus, the OP isn't really suggesting stuff, he's more or less just claiming his dissatisfaction.

I'm glad though that a few more people have popped up, posting reasonable arguments for SGR, so I can lay it low. I'm tired of this fighting, I'm tired of all this anti-SGR crap.

I just wish we could just be looking forward to the content now without having to deal with these people all the time.
Wanting SGR is just as much because of RL as not wanting it. *shrug*

Actually, after seeing a forum dev post in threads no social or political talk on the forums, Im suprised either of these threads are still around, as that's what they've seemed to be.