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I didn't realize the type of person the guy was until near the end when I asked him what he was going to do with all the Juggernaut loot after I was called a tool for finally getting a single piece. His reply was, "sell it for credits, ******." Until then, I just figured I was having a bad roll, since i was selecting need on Jug equip and so was he, or at least that's what it seemed like.

I did my best to help him throughout the thing, giving him advice on certain things, like reviving himself if he died while we fought one of the bosses in the BT flashpoint, since it would keep the boss from regening health. It was only about the last ten minutes that things turned real sour when he revealed he didn't need the stuff and was just grabbing it up for credits. Maybe I'm too nice, but since I don't use too many alts right now, I select pass since usually, other players could use the loot themselves for better defense/attack specs.

yeah basically, when i do flashpoints with people, there are people who deserve and who dont. unless the other WILLINGLY gives loot to you for credits. but if people are being jerks either by things they say, not helping everyone out, then i dont think they deserve the drops during the flashpoint.

but people like YOU there should be more of.
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