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Here's my analysis. I'll defend it as needed. But needless to say, I think G0-T0 wins. Clearly.

Assassins: G0-T0
For obvious reasons, G0-T0’s assassins (Ubese, Zhug Brothers, HK-50s, Gand) will be very likely to track down Zann. He is cocky and very hands-on, wanting to be directly in control of everything. This will probably lead Zann to make a stupid mistake that would lead to his death by assassins. Also, HK-50s have infiltrated ships before, they can do so again. Zann’s assassins will be unable to reach G0-T0 on his stealthed yacht.

Influence: G0-T0
G0-T0 has the home field advantage. He is centered on Nar Shaddaa and will not move. His powerbase on Nar Shaddaa is vast, and Zann will start with the disadvantage of having to create an influence on Nar Shaddaa. On a galactic scale, the Exchange has been greatly underestimated, and Zann Consortium has been greatly exaggerated. People misunderstand that G0-T0 has much more influence on the galaxy than he is letting on. He is subtle, while Zann is anything but. Remember that “Corruption” Zann spread? G0-T0 has that and more.

Military: Zann
This is why people think Zann would be better equipped to deal with G0-T0. But military strength does not matter in an underworld battle. It might if Zann was facing the Rebellion or Empire, but he’s not. Most of his ground forces and all of his fleet will suck on Nar Shaddaa. A large portion of his might is useless in this Kaggath. He may have the military advantage, but he’s missing a very important factor.

Adaptability: G0-T0
G0-T0’s forces are meant to adapt. They’re bounty hunters trained to kill people. And they are perfect for battles on the crowded streets of Nar Shaddaa. Rancor? Tanks? I don’t think so. Really the only people Zann will be able to land on Nar Shaddaa are his grunts, the Defilers, and Urai. All easily countered by G0-T0’s trained assassins.

Leader: G0-T0
Zann is a normal human. No force. No special armor. Just a guy. He has a stealth field, but that won’t save him if he’s caught off-guard by assassins. He’s also a self-confident fool. G0-T0 will be invincible to any and all attacks made against him while stealthed. He also is able to defeat HK-47, so any attempt on his life is doomed to failure anyways. And in a 1v1, G0-T0 would own. He just has to release Jekk’jekk Tar gases into the room. Even stealthed, dead Zann.

In short, I see this ending very quickly by assassination. Zann has never had to deal with assassins before. Now he’ll have to. Also, a war on Nar Shaddaa will end in victory for G0-T0. And, on a galactic scale, G0-T0 has far more influence than Zann. Zann just looks to be powerful due to his army. But that firepower won’t help him here.

I would also like to point out that no one has presented a legitimate scenario for Zann winning and actually killing G0-T0. And I challenge Zann supporters to come up with one advantage Zann has other than firepower.
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