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I've been playing this game since Beta. Personally, and I know it's terrible of me, I get annoyed when a flashpoint takes more than 30 mins and any operation, with the exception of NiM EC, longer than an hour, and the people im running with arent in 61/63 gear.

Here's the deal with most people and flashpoints: we've run them so many times that they are generally a waste of time, boring, and cost us money for wipes. Yet at the start of every flashpoint, I still ask if everyone's done it. As long as people are honest with the group, and ADMIT that they don't know the flashpoint and how to skip, then I have no problem helping and explaining. What I do have a problem with is people that try to bluff their way through and cost the group wipes or want to watch all the story lines. HM flashpoints are for gear. Not the story line. If you really want the story line, go solo the SM version of it.
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