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01.03.2013 , 09:30 PM | #7
As I do with all these topics, I'm showing my support of this idea now.
I love this idea, it is something I have wanted in the game since the moment I finished my first class story. It would also be fairly easy to implement as most class story missions take place within phases, including the very first one. Scaling these phases could be as simple as scaling a flashpoint to a hard mode. They could even sell tokens on the cartel market that would allow a story reset without losing your character.
I've heard several possible issues that this could cause: What about companions? What about guilds wanting me to raid and I'm still on Korriban or Hutta, ect.
Here are the solutions to these:
1. During a certain section of the Warrior's story, Malavai is unavailable for use, a similar system could be implemented here if need be.
2. I can't imagine why they'd take away your ship to do this, but if they do, you still have access to the fleet using the shuttle and fleet pass, all raids take place there. Not an issue at all.

Please BioWare, make this happen.