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Any help Warren?
Sorry Canino, I was sick all day

A few points real quick. (Mostly on what Ausstig said)

It has already been settled that blockading Nar Shaddaa or blowing it up is a horrible idea. Everybody in the entire criminal underworld will hate Zann. Even if he bribes people, that doesn't make any sense because they'll still be losing influence and business. Also, the minute gis fleet comes out of hyperspace over Nar Shaddaa, everyone will hate him for making such an obvious power play. Messing with Nar Shaddaa = death.

I was wondering when someone would bring up killing HK factory. But if this is the height of G0-T0s power, he has enough HKs to last a lifetime. Also, HK-47 found it, but good luck destroying hundreds of HKs or bombing it, considering it's in a bunker.

On Hanharr, it does not make any sense for him to defect. It doesn't. There's too little motivation. Zann's forces were almost all organic, so if he wants bloodshed, Hangarr will side with G0-T0. There's just no reason for him to switch sides.

Also, Urai was not a Jedi, and, as stated, was very weak in the Force. To say he has precognitive abilities is wrong, seeing as we have no evidence of that. He would die just as easily as Zann at the hands of assassins and HKs.

People very much underestimate the Exchange. Tell me, what is Tyber Zann's actual galactic influence? In the game he is from, play the story mode. He's not conquering Coruscant, he's stealing something from it. He has a couple worlds on the outer rim, but its not like he captured half the galaxy. The Exchange, on the other hand, has presence across the galaxy. Stating that the Exchange is weaker is wrong. The Exchange merely has a smaller military, which is what allows it to work across the galaxy and gain so much power.

I'll make my final statement later tonight, hopefully. Sorry for being absent today, but with the point system and the scenarios presented I find it very unlikely G0-T0 will lose.
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