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2k for a set of oranges that I can mod and save money till the end of the game, ofcourse I am in them and so it my primary companion. When I get to End game than I will change. Wish my male toons could wear a the thong too, my type 4 judd would be epic jumping on people in pvp with a thong it would really inspire fear.
There is that "covert" armor. Pick body type 3 and the torso armor and you'll have a ripped, bare-chested male hero running around.

So I guess I'll make a Sage, and call him the Strong-Arm Jedi. I should have picked "Armstrong" as my legacy name since his Force techniques would be ones passed down the Armstrong legacy for GENERATIONS!!!!

The emotes do include a "flex muscles" emote, so I can have fun with that. Hm. No bishie sparkles available. Oh well, can't have everything.
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