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The goal of tanking is to control the fight and (more importantly) to control where incoming damage is going.

We tanks do this using threat to make the mob attack us, facing the mob away from the group so it doesn't cleave them and using mitigation to bring that damage down to a sustainable healing leave. That's a very very basic rundown on tanking.

Now assuming a boss as a 5k base damage cleave. Now it can go 2 ways. The conventional option: You stand and take it, the healer has to heal ~2.5k if you don't shield or defend it. Or your option: You Intercede a DPS and heal 2.4k. Then you take 2.5k and the DPS takes ~4k. Thats assuming you only catch 1 DPS in the cleave. Now thats 2.4k less healing you require, but its ~4k healing that the DPS now requires. That's a total of 4.1k healing required instead of 2.5k.

Now I'm not saying that's always the case. I'm sure if you got really good at it and knew the fights you could avoid accidentally cleaving your team mates but you risk actually working AGAINST the goal of being a tank by doing that. Plus you're making it harder for yourself to hold threat early on for slightly better threat management later on when you can just gain more benefit from taunting.
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