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Thank you for the original posting.... It is interesting that you make note of this now. As a tank, especially when I was a new tank trying to learn to control aggro. My biggest frustration was the speed at which ppl seem to want to rush through things and how the had no patience to wait for the tank to hit first.

No disrespect to the Sentinals... but if you want to tank, level a Guardian. Force Leap is a great skill and I understand it ties into a great rotation, high damage and fast kill; however, when you jump in and start smacking the crap out of things, you are not working on a team -- your are trying to kill everything alone. One strategy we have used in the past was to guard the DPS; however, often, we have gotten grief from the DPS for guarding them and not the healer. Logic says -- he who pulls aggro, gets the guard.

My point -- rushing through and forgetting you are in a group with complete strangers who may or may not know the mechanics or who may be learning a new role does not make for a fun GF OPS/FP run. In fact, it just leads to rage quits and nasty whispers. We are all here for fun and to learn the mechanics of the game. You may be full Hazmat/Dreadguard but your healer may be tier zero. Show some consideration and follow these simple guidelines:

- Ask the question, Do you know the fights?
- No? Explain them as you go
- Tanks, take 5 seconds and type where you are tanking a boss (thinking of Iron Fist in Essesles in particular)
- Healers, don't pre-heal your tanks... doing so immediately means that at the start of the fight, you have the highest threat which makes it harder to get aggro back.
- DPS, show some respect and use whatever threat drops you have on your toon. Just because you can crit 6000k hit points on Nightmare Pilgrim doesn't mean that it's neccessary to do so on a mob of 6 level 50 regulars and strongs.
- Mind the CCs and mark them.
-- on that note, whether you choose to mark CC or not, mention it to the group.. some ppl think the Gun symbol is the NPC they are to hit first which, is often what ticks ppl off.

More importantly, if you wipe -- it's part of the game. Be patient and don't freak out.

For the noobs out there, if you have never run a FP, try to get ppl from your guild to run you through the first time so you can watch the story. After 9 months at level 50, I want to space-bar through it *cough Essesles*

Great thread guys I enjoyed reading your thoughts.