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There are two sides of the coin, lets look at the other point of view.
Icestar and I have had words on this HM FP's before.
1) No the final boss in T5 should not be skippable, but it isn't game breaking just a oversight by the Devs.
2) Only the giant droid boss and the final boss drop columi quality.The droid might drop a columi implant or a exotech piece. The sole guarnteed columi piece is the end token.
3) Since tionese if free to all lvl50's now, what is the point fighting the other bosses? A fully equiped tionese party will probly wipe on the first boss and the bounus boss. Is the extra frustrtion in the instance and the repair bills worth it?
4) This is thread is great for fresh 50's but what about geared 50's? The guys who are doing this to buy hazmaat implants- since the 300+ black hole coms a piece, we are grinding this for the 100th time for the coms.
5) Why are you even doing HM's FP??? Between the free tionese and free MK-2 recruit you can run a SM OPS, simple fast way to get gear.
6) ......and after you have run a few story mode ops and ran SM astation and Sm denova you have gotten rakata or better, then you run HM's for coms......Then the people you were just complaining about, you yourself just became one of them