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You're truly an outstanding writer. I absolutely love the way Lorrik thinks, and I love even more, the way he has grown throughout the story.

Seriously, keep writing and you'll get something published one day.
Thank you so much for the kind words.

I know some people are probably sick and tired of Act 0, and to be honest, I sort of am too. I had this cool idea and extended it out of a want for backstories and believable antagonists and such, but given my problems with pacing... I don't know how I thought trying to tell the story of a few decades in a few chapters would suit me. The next chapter should be up in a bit, (formatting and proofreading it now). As with the previous Acts, this one should end at 25 chapters. No epilogue, just a content filled Chapter 25 this time.

The good news is that all the time working on this part of the story has gotten me worked up for the final act, which means I have more of it planned out, as opposed to my rather impromptu style of Act II and some of Act I. What to look forward to: Tombs! Unseen Force powers! More hand injuries! Coruscant!