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01.03.2013 , 08:01 PM | #18
Ok i've looked at the actual numbers..

I have 5 pieces left to Augment and what i already have are:
4x Power
5x Willpower

So i can now choose my last augments... here are the numbers:
(Augments have +18 in main stat so 5 x 18 = 90)

WIllpower = 1798
Power = 946
Force Power 1205
Crit chance = 26,5 %

+90 Willpower = 83,8 heal points plus an additional 0,576 % Crit chance.
+90 Power = 85,6 heal points.
+90 Crit rating = 3,924 % Crit chance.

So i'm thinking if i should boost my healing with such small amount or go for the almost 4 % Crit boost so i'll land around 30,5 % Crit.
Until i can get my hands on some more expensive mods and armorings i think crit will be my better choice at this time.

The numbers are based on the Character screen under "Force".
I hope the heal point numbers are wrong, because they look quite small.