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Had a small break over the Christmas/New Year period from raiding and I finally got my Shadow tank to 50. I jumped back into an EC HM last night and I forgot how hard I had to work for threat on my Guardian.
Current stats are
31/51/52 with 25.2k health
Bonus damage is at 405.6

I am currently tanking EC NiM 3/4 with my co-tank that is a Shadow.

I did a fairly long session on my ops dummy to see what my TPS was and it was around 2.1k for a 5min parse with no power adrenal. This was with torparse and this number seem low, that being said I have no idea what it *should* be but I am guessing if I have our Sent whaling on the boss doing 1.8-2.2k DPS sustained in the fight and rest of the raid not far off this (~100-400 DPS lower). I am aware that tank swaps/taunts assist in pushing up threat.
On a torparse from a EC HM I am doing about 1.5k TPS sustained over the fights

Does anyone have any data on where our TPS *should* be at? I'll happily sit on my ship and work on eeking out every drop of threat I can by refining my pull rotation and prioritization.

Also I am still using my 26 Guardian hilt, is it wiser to wait for the DG main hand to finally come my way or should I get the 27 might hilt crafted as an interim solution?
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