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My point about bloodshed was more about just doing general work for Tyber. Also G0-T0 has the Ubese assassins and the Gand.

Also I don't get what you are saying about the HKs, they self destruct, so what that will only surprise people once and if they are taken out fast enough they won't do that, the fight on Nar Shaddaa against T3 for example.

Also your example of the battle of Nar Shaddaa is a false one. This is not the Empire it is a gang boss, one who can pay smugglers and offer them 'freedom'. Also who cares about G0-T0's droids, the 'common people' will starve and when Tyber sends down his defilers to offer them weapons to take food form G0-T0, you think they will care who is at fault? maybe a little but food or even simply saying that if G0-T0 goes they can eat again, will win people over. Chaos disrupts G0-T0 saps his power and makes it difficult for him to compete on the galactic stage.

Also the Hutts can't/won't join, it's in the op. For arguments sake though Tyber just buys them off with an offer of exclusive rights to Nar Shaddaa when the war is over, something G0-T0 cannot do.

Nar Shaddaa is not a fortress world like Malacore V. It is a city planet, it is G0-T0's only power base while Tyber has numerous systems under his direct and indirect control.

The stage is the galaxy and as such Tyber has a massive advantage that would take time to redress, time G0-T0 does not have, while dealing with Tyber attacks on Nar Shadda.

Unless they team up then Tyber Zann wins.
Some of this I agree, but the blockade would most certainty give G0-T0 an advantage. Why? The Exchange would starve as we'll, showing the people they weren't at fault. And bribery won't work, Zann isn't the only one with money.

The HKs are advantage. They self destruct, but they don't/wouldn't be captured or trapped. They assassinate from a distance, so good luck getting to them

Any help Warren?
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