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01.03.2013 , 07:47 PM | #164
To the original topic, the op is right but that is a very small reason for the shortage of tanks. The main reason is the same reason there is a shortage in all trinity based mmos, people dont want the responcibility, dps have a pretty hard time screwing up a group compared to a healer or tank, ive never seen a group whipe because a dps went afk in the middle of clearing trash.

A good example of this is wow when cataclysm firrst came out, everyone complained about the heroics being so hard, they werent really hard, they just had raid style boss encounters with mechanics that relied on dps payng attention as much as tanks and heals, most dps do not like to be held accountable thats why they play dps and why the really lazy ones even complain about dps meters so much.