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Also as said, if i can use the mechanincs Intercede / Force charge together i gain rage, free force scream (no rage cost) and unstoppable - granting 20% all dmg decrease for 4sec and 10% of dmg increase for 5 seconds
Those mechanics are predicated upon devoting 2 GCDs to it every 20 seconds. Guardian Leap doesn't do *any* damage and Force Leap deals less than Saber Strike does and that's assuming you don't have any downtime from having to turn around and face the target to leap at it. If you used it every CD, you'd be coughing up ~15% of your active time just for that. You're gaining 7 Focus out of it, but you're losing a *lot* of actual active time out of it. You might be more survivable and, assuming you and your buddies are perfect leapers so that you never drop cleaves on your allies, you're still going to have a hard time keeping up the threat and damage because you're devoting all of that active time to jumping around.

Using Intercede (friendly leap) all the time works for me, i use it naturally i dont have to think about it. In *some* fights combined with Force charge it gives me big benefits
You also have admitted that you don't do any ops content. The hardest thing you do is HM LI which can be done by proficient players in Tionese gear. You're *vastly* overgeared for it and claiming that your strategy is somehow more effective than simply not using it (which is what I'm saying) when you've never done any of the content where gear is as big of a concern as as simply not being bad at the mechanics. It's also got no bosses with appreciable cleaves (Sav-Rak has one, but it's a DoT and pretty easily healed through even if it does catch more than the tank) nor does it have tank swaps or half of the other mechanics that Ops tend to.

The entire reason that the Leap-strats didn't work for the hybrids back in ye olden days of a year ago was *because* of the ops content, which is where stuff like that actually matters. You can tank most of the GF HMs as a DPS VG; just because you can do said content (and you claim that it works wonders) doesn't mean that it's even remotely effective for gear appropriate content.

You say "don't judge me based on what you've experienced" and I'm telling you to stop acting as if anything you're doing is anything approaching a challenge considering your gear. Show me some decent performance on EC or TfB and then we'll talk. Right now, you're doing content that isn't difficult whatsoever in the gear you're in atm. When you get to content where you need a full group in said gear and you still manage to do well and *don't* end up killing allies by losing threat or dropping cleaves on top of them, you can make the case for your build/strat. As it stands, I'm going to trust to all of the people that have already experimented with your strategy in content *beyond* what you're current running in appropriate gear.
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