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Sin tanking will allow you to plow through content easily, especially once you get tanking gear and your healer. Hybrid builds are for pvp only. Most people go 31 up the tanking tree and 10 into madness. creating a 31/0/10 build.
Hmmm......yes and no. The question I have for the OP is this: Do you intend to plow through mobs when levelling and expect mobs 2 levels lower or so to die superquick and you can just fly through quests?

In which case you want Deception. And you want to stack Willpower/Crit/Accuracy. The talk of you having a hard time getting behind the mob in PvE to maul hard is total rubbish. Just legslash/Electrocute the mob be quick and voila. For a hard DPS rotation in which you have the aggro Maul has no impact anyways. Comments like that are just silly.

A lot depends on your playstyle. Mine is the above. I love killing lots quickly. Even if I have to rest every now and then.


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