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01.03.2013 , 07:01 PM | #7
First of all iŽd love swtor to be more or less free of bugs and free of lag. Not sure why but especially Kaon have extreeme lag. When that have been taken care of then iŽd like.

Daily class quests. IŽd like to hear from my "chief" from time to time. Make a handfull of quests for each class and lets have one random each day. Reward would be class comendations. Add a class vendor near class trainer on fleet. He could sell gear and furniture for your ship and maybe some form of class insignia or talberd.

Daily companion quests. IŽd love to hear from my companions once in a while. Make one quest for each companion and lets us have one random each day. Reward would be companon comendations. Add a companion comendaton vendor close to class trainers.. He would sell new looks for companions, and new modifiable armors for companions. maybe a pet too.

Also i would like small things like sitting on chairs in rest areas, bartenders who actually sells drinks, fixing sleep emote so you dont stand up sleeping. Small things that add to the overall feel of the game and helps roleplay.