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You know something funny about this. I have 6 level 50s, but I only recently got around to leveling a Sentinel -- I've oddly enough had no interest until a year into the game.

And despite knowing what to do as a dps, and having 2 end-game healers and 1 end-game tank, I found bad habits creeping in, just due to the Sentinel combat experience.

Get on speeder, drive close to mobs, get <30m range, Force Leap off the speeder kill everything. Once I unlocked doc I'm a faceroll killing machine and I don't have to pay attention to ANYTHING. Kill order, rotation, priorities, defensive cooldowns, enemy debuffs, etc. are completely unnecessary.

Get back on speeder, drive near next mob, Force Leeeeeeeeeeap!

I know similar things could be said about other classes while leveling, but the seems exacerbated with the Sentinel playstyle.

After 50 levels of Force Leap/Faceroll playing, I think I'll be surprised at any Sentinel that knows the definition of the word "restraint"
Yeah I had the exact same experience when I started a Marauder. He's level 13 but he's a wrecking ball at the moment. It's very tempting to just leap in and kill when grouped. Doesn't mean I'm going to start cutting them slack though
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