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Back at release, there was a talents in Veng/Vigi that provided the Guardian Leap decrease to damage taken to the Guardian when they leaped but it was deep enough to require hybridizing. It was the precursor to the modern hybrid spec and, while it calculated at excellent performance, it just didn't end up doing that well because it was predicated on constantly bouncing around to your allies, which just wasn't viable.

What you're doing isn't really new. It's just a rehash of what's already been done so it's not really what anyone would consider optimal based upon past experience.
i have to say, you make an assumption, if you say 'Anyone'.
1. exempt me from 'anyone' please, i like to try things for myself, it is a game and i take it as one - that means experimenting with different strategies, outfits etc (for me - maybe for you it is different) and yet i'm not the one saying someone is stupid because he combs hair on left half of head while i do it on right
2. things might work for you and not for someone else. Judging people taking self as 'benchmark' doesn't work. You make assumptions, that can prove wrong then.
3. PvE gear gives bonus of 2sec to invincible (3min cooldown) and 20% betterment of Sonic barrier, that you can gain by 9 seconds gap via force scream
4. i gain 2.4k health every 20 seconds (i use Intercede every-time it is on cooldown) + i dump agro off the target => my healer doesnt have to deal with big hits on the DPS guys. Also, i do not always jump away, i just jump e.g. on marauder dpsing just right beside me
Also as said, if i can use the mechanincs Intercede / Force charge together i gain rage, free force scream (no rage cost) and unstoppable - granting 20% all dmg decrease for 4sec and 10% of dmg increase for 5 seconds

Using Intercede (friendly leap) all the time works for me, i use it naturally i dont have to think about it. In *some* fights combined with Force charge it gives me big benefits

I dont see where you have problem with it. Or - maybe you tried and you had problem with the mechanics. But i dont - does that mean i should say 'anyone can use it', meaning, if you dont, it renders you dumb?

I'm sorry, but the word that comes to my mid is 'respect'. Some ppl (as seen in many treads on forum) swear by defensive stats, some by endurance some by hybrid, some by complet tank tree ... i would never dare to say someone that his way is considered by *anyone* wrong. Because it is *me* that's considering it wrong.

This is my last words on this.
Thank you for your opinion. Noted.