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now were talking .01+ differences at time but

Willpower for healers
Power for DPS

is how buddy of mine whose into the uber min max thing figured it out

Keep in mind to that Willpower will up your natural crit rate so you may be able to drop some crit scores for power boosts if you stack enough will power

For my Sage healer
with buffs (all 4 class buffs and a Exotech willpower stim) my Willpower is 2011 (or there about, 2000 was my target goal)
the rest I put into power after making sure my force crit (crit + willpower+ buffs/passive ability) is 35% and my force crit multiplier (surge) is 75%

So recap

Willpower - 2000+
Crit chance - 35%
Crit Multiplyer - 75%
power - the rest

As for PVP, what I was told is get 1100-1200 expertise and then stack power via non PVP (no expertise) mods/enhancements/armor
Thanks! There are some really helpful things in there
With my ingame economy i think i'll end up with
1875-1900 will power
Crit 30-33%
Crit multi 75%

Doing dailys atm to scrap up some credits