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I play mainly heal sorc at 50 and have and op that's about level 38. So I'm mainly familiar with sorc. The things I notice that haven't been mentioned are the general issues present at level 50 pvp.

Big things that irritates me as a sorc healer:

1. You are far more targeted than any other healer because people target both healers and sorcs as a class in general. They are seen as easy kills in comparison to other classes and get a lot of attention.

2. If you even think about perching somewhere even remotely strategic in huttball you'll be focused down thanks to that pull.

3. Casting revivification vs competent players is pretty freaking hard. That's the heal everyone wants to interuppt.

4. The burst of other classes is not even cute at level 50. When folks stack on you the pressure is rough making the idea of an escape seem like an unparalleled ability.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but as a long time sorc healer I think I'm going for a level 50 OP for now. Being able to re-position yourself every two minutes is valuable.

Also as a final comment. When running with a tank as a sorc under pressure you cannot spare heals to your teammates, mainly cause they are cast heals and your hot has a cooldown. Ops can easily drop hots on surrounding dps as they fight to keep both themselves and their tank alive. Which inflates their numbers over time. Energy management is also a lot more effective.

I'd say the big con's to OPs lay in utility. Ops are a true healing class and when I play one I miss the table turning abilitys I have on my sorc. As an OP you can keep everyone up but don't expect to do anything game changing on a regular basis. xD
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