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That would depend on how you define "effective." It's very effective in its designed purpose, however, I do agree that it lacks in the "there's no I in team" department.
Right, this is what I meant.

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Solid music selection, I don't know why but that's the first thing I notice when I watch any swtor videos and it drives me nuts when the music sucks.
I agree but...

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I agree, she has brought her music back up. I was watching some of her older videos again as a stroll down memory lane of when Infiltration really effed people up, and I realized that the music was so much better than what it had become in her more recent videos. The music was still good, just less so. This newest video raised the music bar back up, so well done there as well Shin.
There's a reason why I use certain music now. A few of my old videos cannot be syndicated world wide and what happens is it ends up getting blocked from mobile devices. (Such as iPad, Smartphones etc)

See, in the music world - on youtube, there is a tracker that disallows you from using certain songs. If the songs are used, then they severely injure your video's ability to syndicate. (IE: Some of my earlier videos are blocked in Germany, and I have a solid German viewership.)

Corpocracy ftw? But in truth, I am limited in my selection per video. So it's more likely you'd hear one lyric-based song, then a few others more game-typed to match syndication recommendations.
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