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Ye thanks for that video, that is blatant cheating. I play with 200+ ping and sub 20 fps in warzones (laptop) and I have seen people teleporting across the map or seemingly falling off platforms in Huttball due to lag but nothing like this.

It's also funny how bad they both are (hard to judge on level 18) but what can you expect. Hope BW has some cheat detection in game to counter this swiftly.

I know you were busy recording but that's some sloppy Concealment
Yeah, I realise im not the greatest operative, but your right, it is some pretty sloppy concealment. I have however been working on it and I think im much better. Usin my hidden strike / acid blade an so on at every chance, also backstab and the best strategic attacks more often. All a work in progress, but i do like to get some criticism just so i k is what to inprove on
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