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01.03.2013 , 05:26 PM | #1
If anyone remembers Caeliux (one of the first Jedi Shadow Tanks back in Illum days) from Fatman then you know I can play, if you don't well you will soon enough.

I was a member from Fight during the good days on Fatman, and I also was GL of a few guilds on Empire and Republic which one of the names was Flawless Victory on The Bastion and on Fatman now reformed.

Remember this guild name cause you will see this premade alot > (Flawless Victory)

Flawless Victory is a sum of 8 members that played with me on Bastion and Fatman, and yes we have reunited.

We are going to be all rerolls and we have chosen the Republic to be the faction.

The low level bracket will see a bunch that played pretty hardcore before ranked and little after and left SWTOR for Warcraft and GW2, also due to college and boredom with this game. Once we get 50 we will be looking for a few specs to fill in spots we need for ranked and raids.

Glad to see this game thriving, and we are glad to be back.

Hope we can bring some competition to P05!

ps. My name is Methodical in game, (i is alt 161), if you are interested joining a new guild of experienced players hit me up!