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i see that i raised some question about the gear and whatnot.
I'm unguilded, so i do not do any operation content. I do up to Lost Island. The leaping in - and out depends on boss mechanics and is not always usable, for sure - e.g. mobs that has leaps too.
But i practiced this a lot. E.g. If i leap to friend, then, already during the jump i turn my mouse backwards, and target mob back. So, after landing, i have mob already targeted and ii press the force leap back to enemy (no time wasted) it is amazing. This whole process takes really like splinter (half) of second, maybe a second (you must not lag).
I queue for FP only with my healer friend and she already know, where to position herself, so i can do this really a lot.
My only companion is Vette - i started to practice this with her first on ranged mobs, then moved to melle.
If you dont believe this is possible, take Vette, position her 25-30m from (start with ranged type, because it's not easy from start) mob - intercede to her and force charge back. I practice this all the time and i can do this even on fast melle mobs (they dont get close on me so i wouldn't be able jump back on them). Mobs using ranged is piece of cake.
I even use this on breaking mobs casting abilities (Force charge break cast), if my breakup is on cooldown - depending ofc on the time of cast (some are too fast).

This is how i do things. I run hybrid immortal / vengeance and i never have problem with holding agro. Due to increased DMG and leaping to friendlies. I consider Intercede at least same amazing utility as Force charge and sometime even better.
E.g. i see strayed mob attacking my friend healer, my taunt on coodown - intercede to her and leap back to mob and its almost hillarious, how to mob attacking her start follow me.
I do PvP a lot - 80%PvP of my time, so i'm used to Intercede and act fast.

Last thing to say, i never claim(ed) that i do some things better than others. I still learn. Dont be harsh on judging this, try it first, you'll see for yourself