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It's not a question of "wanting" but more about just having it. Having 30k+ hp can help in situations when your healers can afford to throw more raid healing so it can be a small insurance for mess ups, not to mention there are abilities that increase your percentage of hp so having more base hp would obviously net you more health from those abilities. I don't think one would feel the need to specifically gear up to exceed 30k hp, but the availability of mods + enhancements in your server may push you to that path. It is not necessarily bad to get 30k hp, first hand experience.
Proper itemization prevents most tanks from breaking 26k health (my shadow barely breaks 25k with the 3% Endurance talent) and makes it so that you're going to hit 30/ 50/ 50 on Guardians and Shadows with out breaking a sweat. My shadow's currently at 30/50/59 and is still in mostly BH/ Campaign gear (my guardian friend is at like 25/ 55/ 50). Also, Enure for Guardians (30% more Health) is a CD that's designed to give the healers more time to heal you during periods of time when the boss is doing a ****ton of damage.

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1. i read somewhere, the more HP you have, the more sexy you are
2. i'm not abandoning my defense stats for HP - currently having some 28+k hp, i just asked how is that possible
3. i have equipped 4 pieces of Battlemaster outfit (ofc with PvE mods in)- after leap i have 10% dmg increase for 5 seconds - better smash, better vicious slash => better agro on me, also every intercede (leap to friendly) nets me 2.3-2.4k HP - this is actually big help (and it is counted off the overall HP you have).
I actually intercede to teammates as much as i can (every 20 secs +2.4khp is nice) - i help my healer and i dump agro off my teammates, also if i intercede to healer (usually standing farther from battle) i immediately can/do jump back on target => free force scream, unstoppable, rage building ... big benefits.
4. as mentioned above, it's also insurance if something 'oh crap' happens, you survive and give your healer time to react

So you can see at least in my case it is big help for me having more HP and in my case it comes with the kind of play i do - lots of intercede...
That all sounds like a terrible way to play a Guardian/ Jugg given that you're going to throw the boss out of position and that the the PvE 2 and 4 piece bonuses vastly outweigh 10% extra damage and a 10% heal.

General Rule of Thumb when it comes to Tank's Health Pools is 3 unmitigated hits. Currently the hardest I ever get hit is around 7.8k damage (not counting flukes during Operator IX), so having 24k health (closer to 25k) is golden for me. Anything more is just making me a resource sponge.
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