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am sorry if that is the case... however, so far ur the only one complaining about my grammar... i know i write with lots of mistakes... but am already trying to do my best and from my point of view, what i say is more than understandable.....
Thanks, it's much easier to read now.

1- no i have never finished Thyton with a consular, since in my Op they have one of the most boring stories...

2- u seriolsy can't be telling me that u take what the game says over what wookkipedia says? are u? the ingame lore is full of mistakes, as many have pointed out several times.... so really, what else do i need to say in this regard?
1. If you are interested in how the light side-dark side conflict started, I really suggest you play Consular up to the point where you get your lightsaber.

2. Yes, I seriously take a game, which is canon, over a site everyone can edit. Actually, I have read Dawn of the Jedi comics Wookiepedia points out as source. I couldn't find what Wookiepedia says there.

balance was more than possible, for over 10k years.... on those 10k years, neither the light sided guys became obsessed with being priests and monks, neither the dark sided guys became serial murders....
Yeah, balance is possible if you stay on your planet and don't interfere with the rest of the galaxy. Also, you have to exile everyone who gets to dark ans also everyone who gets too light. Imprison them on the moons of Tython and until they are balanced again or die.

The Je'daii Order was far stricter with people who wanted to explore the dark side or the light side than the Jedi were.

Tython and Force Wars

however at one point during 25,783 BBY a splinter group formed within the Order; These Je'daii were enamored by the light side of the Force, or Ashla, and professed that it was stronger than the Bogan.... thats how it all began..... not becouse anybody was slaving anybody or killing anybody, or practicing necromancy, or anything....
The Force Wars were not the First Great Schism and also not the Second Great Schism. Each of these had different reasons.

And, as I already said, this "enamored by the light side of the Force" meant, they acutally said: "Hey, lets make the galaxy a better place."

By the way, this is also on Wookiepedia:

Principles of Rajivari

"Master Rajivari, one of the founding members of the Jedi Order, believed that the Jedi should use their knowledge of the Force to conquer and rule the galaxy, helping govern the countless star systems with the guidance of the Force. When this idea was rejected by the first Jedi High Council, Master Rajivari resigned from the body and set out to destroy the Order he had created, believing that the High Council was settling for mediocrity instead of greatness."

Originally created by Sith King Dathka Graush's experiments using Sith alchemy and magic to reanimate corpses

Korriban zombies where the first zombies... about how the were created i thing that was quite clear; i believe reanimate corpses = bring back to life, already dead things..... no?
Yeah, that's what this Sith King did. Wookiepedia doesn't say what the Dark Jedi did.

have u readed the links? they left peacefully and founded their own academy.... on both wars..... it is not that the jedi gave them a chance, such chance was not even nessesary, they decided to leave and so they did....
Xendor and Lyn departed Ossus to establish their new academy on Lettow.
[COLOR="rgb(255, 140, 0)"]The Legions of Lettow initially wished to be left alone by the Jedi[/COLOR]

seriolsy no offense, but this is starting to get a bit repetitive.....
Then stop bringing up the First Great Schism. That's not what started the Sith. What I say applies only to the Second Great Schism. And there the Dark Jedi didn't leave peacefully.


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This is what the Je'daii Order would do, they would not present themselves are defenders of the Republic, but peacemakers for the whole galaxy, not dedicated to any single body. There purpose would be to advise and provide knowledge to everyone dedicated to upholding peace and harmony.
Sorry, but this is not balance, this is totally light side. A darksider would simply say "Why the hell should we be peacemakers for the whole galaxy if we could use the Force to conquer it."

The Jedi actually started to support the Republic because they saw it as one of the greatest opportunity for lasting peace. Also, if I remember correctly, many Jedi were peacemakers outside the Republic.

In terms of the Sith, it would be the Je'daii Order's task alone to protect against the Sith threat, and prevent it from becoming a threat in the first place. By breaking ties with the Republic, any conflict between Je'daii and Sith or even Jedi, would be between them alone, and not the rest of the galaxy, who should have no part in it. Neither should conflict be solved through war, if possible it should be tackled through meditation and peaceful methods, which the Je'daii Order understand. I don't know if you've watched the Clone Wars arc on the Ones, but if you have imagine the Je'daii Order as the Father, keeping the peace, and the balance between like and dark, but on a galactic scale.
Well, that won't stop the Sith from enslaving non-Force-sensitive people and drafting them into military service to gain an advantage against the Jedi Order by numbers alone. Or, in general, building political entities much stronger than the Jedi Order. The Jedi choose, instead of building their own Empire, to support the nation which was closest to their ideals.
"I was one of many. We were servants of the dark side… Sith Lords, we called ourselves. So proud. In the end we were not so proud. We hid… hid from those we had betrayed. We fell… and I knew it would be so."
-Ajunta Pall