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<Dark Ward>
Faction: Empire
Active Times: Weekdays and Weekends around 5 to 10 Central US Time
Current Activities: Social, Questing, HM FPs, some PVP, working up to Ops
Guildmaster: Rayidyn
Officers: Ilaria/Arriston, Koobla/Malīce, Sheyda

If you are interested, whisper or message one of the officers above in-game. We are a newer guild, but we are active and friendly. We don't tolerate immaturity or griefing. We like getting to know each other and helping each other with whatever, whether that's questing or running FPs together. We are not an Ops guild yet, but we are working toward running Ops eventually. We do HM FPs together and some PVP but we are not PVP focused. Basically, we are a bit of everything guild. Some events I'd like to get started soon are weekly World Boss and datacron hunts.

We recruit friendly, active and mature members. As we are a newer guild with only around 30 members plus alts, activity is a must for us. If you will be inactive for more than week, we ask that you let us know. If we don't hear from you for more than a week though, you may be let go. Basically, if you are looking for a small but tight-knit group of friendly people who like to help each other out, we may be the perfect guild for you!