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I'm afraid I don't decide who features in the tri-battles, that's decided by whoever wins the brackets. However methinks the final could easily turn out to be between Traya and G0-T0, which would be a very interesting battle indeed. But that depends if either of them make it to the semi-finals, and if they play there cards right.

Just thinking aloud here but my opinion of who is going to emerge the victor is shifting. I think the outcome would be much the same if the Kaggath became a chess tournament, guile and deception are just as important and strength and size, if not more important... but we shall see.
See, if that happens, I could see stalemate very easily. But that's for another day.

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But if G0-T0 doesn't leave then how can he destory Tyber's power base?

Tyber can (and does) project power on a galactic stage. The war is all over the galaxy if G0-T0 doesn't leave Nar Shaddaa then Tyber wins by default.

Hanharr won't be bribed? Is loyal to the Exchange? What game where you playing? He (if you are dark) comes to YOU with a plan to find G0-T0 and kill for the Hutt. So yeah, he is not as loyal as Urai.

Also how do picture the fight going down? they walk into an area and some one yells start? I pictured it that either
1. Hanharr arranged events before hand with Tyber.


2. They ambush him with the HKs on point, Urai senes something and slips away. His troops get shoot up and he plays a cat and mouse game picking off the HKs one by one. Then he has a Boss Battle with Hanharr and gets Tyber to convince him join. Also G0-T0s' HKs weren't all that good a fighting.
Thanks for helping me with this Warren, but I got this.
How to hurt Zann's power base
1) Bounty Hunters and assassins. G0-T0 could easily send HK's to investigate, and from there sabotage and assassinate any who stand in G0-T0's way. This is the only real way I see it, but in all honesty, I don't see the point. Maybe a few, but not an invasion force. If G0-T0 stays on Nar Shaddaa, Zann will be forced to attack, since G0-T0 won't leave. This gets rid of Nightsister/rancors(I did this anyway), tanks, and a majority of Zann's army.

Your scenario (let's pretend) is flawed as well. So Hanharr sides with Zann (even though he won't) so what? HK's are droids. Droids programmed to kill. If something gets in the way of that kill, they are killed. No question. So, shoot Hanharr, then Urai. Send multiple HK's, and have them hide in wait. Hanharr begins doing whatever you say. HK's notice that Hanharr isn't fighting. That makes them shoot both targets. If Urai escapes, he ain't finding the HK's. Even with force sensitivity, they are droids, so no sensing.
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