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There's sensor to boost Artifice crit chance, which is really what matters. Only way to get a really small buff is using HK-51, which provides +1 crit chance to any crafting profession.
It's +10 Artifice efficiency, so he crafts faster, and +2 TH crit, so more purples on TH missions... You also get the advantage of having your "real companions" rolling with you, instead of crafting or going on missions while you are leveling....

Quote: Originally Posted by Mozivicus View Post
Artifice is THE worst choice for a trooper. Absolutely NO synergy with the trooper's companions.
That's not the point.... he is leveling a Trooper alt.... Synergy is irrelevant because he has Cyber/Bio already.. Troopers companions are Bio/Cyber/Arms.... He could go Arms, but arms is really only good for augments @ endgame. Barrels sell as well, but you only need one or two versus 7 Enhancements and you still can make hilts....

If he wants to be self sufficient while leveling and in the future, Artifice makes the best choice given the crafts he already has IMO...

It's just food for though. If I wanted straight money potential, I would make a SLI/UT/SCAV and buy the UT droid buff.... Funnel those mats to the Cyber, craft endgame armorings/mods....
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