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Actually it is 3-5 years. But you do make a good point.
no he doesnt, not about Mauls balls anyway, never heard of the sith head in a jar, it sounds cool but its definatly not the same thing as the Maul thing. Cuz thats a total cop out idea n not good or creative at all, a good creative idea would be making a newer better villian, not making up some half assed excuse to bring one back to life thats already gone over with fans, its just weak writing man, n here people are making excuses for it!!! This is why Star Wars has gone so far downhill.

or they coulda brought back a semi unknown sith from the comics or novels n it coulda been really cool, even as a head in a jar, then at least theyre relying on creativity n trying something different not just falling back on a movie face.
Edit: For the record I don't think adding in a whiney, anorexic looking teenage girl to the story is original either.